What do Students Need to Know about Writing?

Students are never free from assignments and homework. Usually, after students complete studying a chapter in the class, the teachers or lecturers give them assignments in the form of projects or essays. A project usually becomes an interesting assignment for students but students see writing essay in different view. In their opinion, writing essay is uninteresting, tiring and confusing. Do your teachers or lecturers often give you such an assignment?

Once you are in college, you have more assignment to write essay. Why do the lecturers ask us to write essay? They want to know our logical thinking and how we defend our ideas. It seems scary since our lecturer may think that our idea is not good and worth to write since it does not enlighten the readers. However, if we know the tips of how to write a college essay, such assignment won’t confuse us anymore.

It is true that the ability of writing a good essay is a matter of process and practice. To develop our writing essay skills, it is better if we know how to write simpler essay. In high school, students are often to be asked to write a 5-paragraph essay. If these students know how to write a good 5-paragraph essay, they usually do not find many difficulties in writing a college essay. Additionally, knowing how to write a good classification essay will be beneficial for students.


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