Music Education Is Gaining Strength Once Again

For centuries, melodies have been a source for soothing the soul, celebrations, and to excite the senses and stir emotions. Music has the ability to create ideas, inspire notions, or focus thoughts. Research of late supports the effects of music on the brain and how individuals learn. Educational institutions, most notably public and private schools, are suffering to some extent from the lack of this fine art.

The past three decades have shown incredible decreases in the number of music programs currently active in schools across the country. So much has the decline occurred, that it has caught the attention of the public at large. Fortunately, there are those within the education business who are working to increase the awareness of music education and its importance for all students.

It has been touted for a few decades that students must be tested more thoroughly in order to determine their education level. Additionally, this was to expose areas of weakness or show where any respective student needs to improve. In the process, fine arts programs took a serious hit. While the large portion of program closings were due to budget shortfalls, the program suffered also due to a lack of interest.

Students are now being exposed more and more to the opportunity of music programs within their schools or community. Most urban schools and larger suburban schools typically have fairly strong band, choir, and other music courses available. Competitions are used as means for creating a competitive atmosphere among schools across each state.

By having opportunities to compete among peers, there is a certain level of drive that carries many onto higher institutions where the quality of programs are enhanced with more and newer equipment. All of this and more are considered to be motivators for any aspiring student. Community support and single donors of funds and equipment help to augment what is needed for these musicians to have the best experience possible.

Thankfully, the many different positive affects music has on students is noted and being used as a means for developing new opportunities. However, for this to continue, it will take an even more concerted effort on the part of citizens of communities and the music industry to help create more interest for future students.

One of the most rewarding experiences a student can have is when they are recognized for accomplishments in a band or choir. The enthusiasm these children and young adults feel can become the very driving force leading to future positive opportunities in the music industry.


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